I ran across Justine Ashbee like I run across a lot of artists these days. I saw her on pinterest! I was looking up ways displaying a tapestry of my own and was inspired by the presentation of Ashbee's textile-like wall hangings. The blog, Totokaelo, gives us a description of Ashbee:  "Seattle artist, Jusine Ashbee, aims to remind us of the planet we live on, our origins, inherent gifts and natural impulses with her jewelry line, Talisman. Developed from weaving gold into undulating tubes, sheets of draping brass, and native american inspired woven wall hangings with a technique developed while studying at The Rhode Island School of Design, in the Textile Design program." She has a wide variety of artifacts that I also find particularly interesting. She has a wide range, which I can appreciate. 
Site: https://art-object.totokaelo.com/store/products/justine-ashbee/kachina-i/multi

Click! below to check out more of her work:

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